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Sexual harassment, grooming and sexual violence faced by children and young people in Finland - Situation report September 2020

Sexual harassment, grooming and sexual violence experienced by children and adolescents have increased over the past ten years. In digital media, in particular, such acts have become more common. This report aims to define the concepts related to the phenomenon of grooming, to describe the current situation in Finland from the perspective of the theme, and to describe the work against grooming in detail. 

The situation report presents key international obligations, as well as national programmes and strategies that demand measures to protect children and young people against sexual violence both online and offline. In Finland, the state administration and authorities have adopted several decisions and operational programmes to promote preventive work to combat sexual violence faced by children and young people. This report presents various measures and brings up key development needs concerning the theme of the report. 

The situation report uses the concepts of original agreements, operational programmes, strategies, and legislation, even if those concepts in the current understanding do not necessarily respect the rights of the child. 

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