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Kuvassa kaksi Koordinaatin työntekijää istuu tietokoneen ääressä.

Online services

Koordinaatti is responsible for the maintenance and content production of two nationwide online services. is an online service aimed at youth work professionals and students in the field. Nuortenelämä.fi is nationwide online service for young people. is an online service aimed at youth information and counselling professionals and other stakeholders in the youth field, such as students, teachers and various other organizations in the youth field. Koordinaatti is responsible of the content production and maintenance of the said online service. publishes news, information about events, and articles. In addition, the online service has an extensive Materials section and a Search for youth information and counselling services section. The contents of the service are produced in Finnish, Swedish and English.



The online service Nuortenelämä.fi ( is produced and maintained by the Koordinaatti. Nuortenelämä.fi is an information and counselling service intended for all young people living in Finland.

The bilingual service supports young people to find answers independently, ask for additional information and search for their own local services. The service includes, among other things, a chat where the young person can ask and discuss about any matters important to them. In addition, the service includes a Kysyttävää column, where young people can write a question about any topic. The Kysyttävää column has a network of people answering the questions, which includes about 70 professionals from all over Finland.

If you have any questions about the Nuortenelämä.fi service, or if you are interested in answering questions on the Kysyttävää column section, please contact Riina Papinaho: firstname.lastname(at), phone +358 40 669 3629.