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Kuvassa Koordinaatin henkilökuntaa koulutustilanteessa.


The work of Koordinaatti includes a lot of different development work. Development projects can also be projects within Koordinaatti. Often, development work takes place as a partner in a national or international project with external funding.

Development project

Koordinaatti is involved in national and international projects that promote the development of working methods and services in the youth field. As a result of the projects, tools, methods, publications, new networks and partnerships and new know-how are created.

On this page, we present projects in which Koordinatti is involved. You can also read more about the Grooming project on its own page.

DesYIgn-project (2019-2021)

Koordinatti was one partner in the DesYIgn project, which received its funding from the Erasmus+ program. The project was coordinated by ERYICA. In the DesYIgn project, the goal was to think about how information and counselling services for young people can be implemented in a new way by means of service design and to produce tools and innovative ways to reach large groups of young people. Especially young people who are at risk of being marginalized.

With new ways of service production, we make it possible that the services are as accessible as possible and that they are backed by appropriate plans, strategies and structures.

The project partners are: ERYICA (Luxembourg), Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Koordinati (Finland), Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes (Luxembourg), Dirección General de Juventud y Deportes de Madrid (Spain), ProMo Cymru (Wales), Aġenzija Żgzagħa (Malta), Institut Valencià de la Joventut (Spain) and Åbo Akademi University (Finland).

More information about the project in English on ERYICA's website.

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