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Kuvassa henkilöitä keskustelemassa pöydän äärellä.


Koordinaatti co-operate with various organisations to develop information and counselling work for young people and to create conditions for equal information and counselling services for young people.

Our work is based on multidisciplinary, network-like cooperation, with which we ensure the accessibility and quality of services. The co-operation has made it possible to support the working conditions of young information and counseling professionals and to develop their professional skills.

Multidisciplinary and multi-professional collaboration

During the existence of the Koordinaatti, the network that produces information and counselling services for young people has grown almost tenfold. At the same time, the needs and wishes of the field have also grown. New stakeholders need training, professional support and new tools to support the development and quality of services.

As a national organisation, Koordinaatti also needs cooperation partners for support. Multidisciplinary cooperation brings new dimensions to expert and support services and valuable information for the development of services. As a result of the cooperation, for example, multidisciplinary trainings and seminars have been organized.

The stakeholders involved in the youth information and counselling service network also represent diversity. In terms of sharing knowledge and expertise, it is important that seminars, training, and support services can be planned in multidisciplinary cooperation with different stakeholders.

International collaboration

International collaboration is an essential part of Koordinaatti's operations. Our extensive international activities include cooperation projects, training courses and expert visits and exchanges. Koordinaatti is known as a highly motivated and competent partner in European cooperation.

ERYICA - European Youth Information and Counselling Agency 

Koordinaatti is a member of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA, the European umbrella organisation for youth information and counselling services. ERYICA was founded in 1986. ERYICA’s responsibility is to strengthen the structures of youth information and counselling work and to promote co-operation at a European level. In order to support professional youth information and counselling workers, ERYICA develops and organises training in various forms. The basis for all the work is young people’s information needs and the European Youth Information Charter. 

Read more on ERYICA on their website.

The Nordic-Baltic working group

Koordinaatti is also a member of The Nordic-Baltic working group. The working group was created in 2007— and later resumed in 2021—, by the initiative of the Nordic and Baltic members of the ERYICA network to strengthen relations and develop common projects in northern Europe. 

Read more about The Nordic-Baltic working group on ERYICA website.

DesYIgn - Innovative Youth Information Service Design and Outreach (2019-2021)

Koordinaatti was one of the partners in DesYIgn-project which was financed by Erasmus+ KA2. Coordinator of the project is ERYICA. The aim of the project is to rethink how services are designed and to create tools and resources to allow youth workers and youth information workers to reach out to a maximum number of young people, especially those at risk of social exclusion. In order to do this, youth information providers need to be trained on new channels and tools, and on how to design their services in a user-centred and innovative manner to appeal and reach out to more young people. 

This project uses service design methodologies and desk research. The service design is approached from a human-driven way of design thinking and doing. It starts from the needs and requirements of users and looks for solutions together with providers, users and other stakeholders.

Partners in the project were: ERYICA (Luxembourg), Youth Work Ireland (Ireland), Koordinaatti (Finland), Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes (Luxembourg), Dirección General de Juventud y Deportes de Madrid (Spain), ProMo Cymru (Wales), Aġenzija Żgħażagħ (Malta), Institut Valencià de la Joventut (Spain) and Åbo Akademi University (Finland).