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Centres of Expertise in Youth Work

In March 2020 the Ministry of Education and Culture appointed six national Youth Work Centres of Expertise. These Centres of expertise consist of a contract-based consortium of two or more co-implementers.

Main goal of these centres is to develop and promote basic and special expertise in youth-related issues as well as expert and other services in youth-related fields by producing, compiling and sharing knowledge and information on young people, youth work or youth policy.

Koordinaatti continues to develop the youth work field as a part of three centres of expertise:

Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work - Coordinated by City of Helsinki / Verke

Centre of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work - Coordinated by the City of Lahti / Kanuuna 

Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing - Coordinated by Youth Academy

Youth work centres of expertise form a network supporting the implementation of the objectives set out in National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme 2020-2023. The centres of expertise develop and promote competence, expertise and communications in the youth sector in accordance with the Youth Act.

For more information you can contact Koordinaatti's Development Manager Jaana Fedotoff. Tel. +358 44 703 8215 , firstname.lastname[at]

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