International cooperation

Koordinaatti is involved in extensive international co-operation in the form of different co-operation projects, training co-operation and expert exchanges.

ERYICA - European Youth Information and Counselling Agency

Koordinaatti is a member of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA, the European umbrella organisation for youth information and counselling services. ERYICA was founded in 1986. ERYICA’s responsibility is to strengthen the structures of youth information and counselling work and to promote co-operation at a European level. In order to support professional youth information and counselling workers, ERYICA develops and organises training in various forms. The basis for all the work is young people’s information needs and the European Youth Information Charter.

USE-IT Europe Network

Koordinaatti joined the USE-IT Europe network in autumn 2012. Koordinaatti represents Finnish youth information and counselling services in the network. Members of the USE-IT network provide travel information targeted at and designed for young people by publishing brochures, maps and online services. USE-IT products are always designed and prepared by local young people. The products are non-commercial, free of charge and up to date.

By belonging to the USE-IT Europe network, Koordinaatti makes it possible to publish USE-IT products in Finland. The first USE-IT map was published in Helsinki in late summer 2012. The map was published by a team of young people with the support of Youth in Action programme.

USE-IT Europe: