National cooperation

Koordinaatti works with different stakeholders to develop youth information work and contribute to the creation of fair and equal youth information services. Co-operation helps youth information professionals build on their abilities and develop their professional skills.

In this way, co-operation benefits both parties. It contributes to the effective dissemination of practices in the field of youth work and helps in highlighting important topics for discussion. Services cannot be developed and implemented within organisations only; instead, a great number of young people and those working with young people are necessary in order to achieve common targets.

Koordinaatti’s national partners include

  • Ministries
  • Regional State Administrative Agencies
  • Youth work centres of expertise
  • Projects
  • University of Applied Sciences (Humak)
  • Organisations
  • Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Bodies responsible for youth services in municipalities
  • National Audiovisual Institute
  • the Finnish Society on Media Education
  • the Finnish Central Association for Mental Health
  • ministries
  • the Finnish Youth Housing Association
  • educational institutions in the youth sector
  • youth researchers
  • groups of young people and individual youngsters everywhere in Finland