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The first online Digital YIntro in Finland has started

Koordinaatti is organising the training course on Digital Youth Information (Digital YIntro) for the first time online in Finnish. The course takes place in Koordinaatti´s new e-learning platform. Duration is five weeks and each week has a different theme. The training consists of both independent and group studying. Tasks include e.g. online discussions, co-writing in a group and producing short videos on different topics. All the participants receive certification after they have completed the course.

The facilitators, Senior Advisor Mika Pietilä from Koordinaatti and Regional Coordinator Pirjo Kovalainen from City of Oulu, are excited to start the pilot.

Good background work and basis were made in ERYICA’s DOYIT project, so it was easy to move the activities to our e-learning platform. Establishment of the platform has been an interesting process as well. Now we have the possibility to provide many different kinds of online courses to the Finnish youth information and counselling workers”, Mika Pietilä points out.

The aim of the course is to get acquainted with digital youth information and counselling and information literacy: what are the key terms, what is quality in digital youth information and how to assess it, and how important youth participation is. Pirjo Kovalainen highlights the importance of the themes.

The key digital skills of citizens right now and in the coming years are ability to search, assess and manage information as well as digital communication skills and active citizenship. This training meets these needs very well and will promote the skills needed in digital youth information and counselling in the future too.”

Questions? Please contact Senior Advisor Mika Pietilä: mika.pietila@ouka.fi, +358 44 703 8216.

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