Koordinaatti Newsletter

Members of the youth information and counselling network are sent a bimonthly e-newsletter that covers the most important topical themes concerning youth work and the youth information and counselling community. Newsletter

E-democracy service has its own newsletter posted monthly to the mailing list of the moderators of the service. The newsletter contains news concerning the work of the moderators and the service in general as well as a calendar of upcoming trainings and other events.

Articles and publications

Every year, Koordinaatti publishes a number of different printed and electronic publications and papers. Among the most important is the annual report submitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture, various partners and the entire youth information and counselling service network. Dedicated reports are also prepared on activities such as the national development event. Reports and publications can be downloaded from material bank.

Social media

Koordinaatti’s staff also have their own blog at

Marketing materials

Koordinaatti promotes youth information and counselling and showcases the service at various events, seminars and publications in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

Every year, Koordinaatti publishes a variety of printed and electronic marketing materials available free of charge to support the service network of youth information and counselling workers, the moderators of and other parties responsible for the service. The basic marketing products available include posters, brochures, postcards, pens and much more.