Development projects

Koordinaatti participates in national and international projects for promoting the development of youth information and counselling work and services. The projects result in the creation of new tools, methods and publications as well as innovative networks and partnerships.

E-Participation service for young people is an e-Participation service for young people. In addition organisations working with young people can use the service. Actors such as municipalities, non-governmental organisations, associations, schools, young people’s participation and influence groups etc. can utilize the service as a part of their work. is launched in the beginning of the year 2015.

The service is developed in co-operation with young people and actors working with them. The development process is been organised by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Education and Culture and Koordinaatti - National Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling. The service corresponds among others the strategic goals of the Finnish Youth Act (Section 8§) and governmental Child and Youth Policy Programme 2012-2015.

The is a low-threshold service in which young people are able to tell their ideas about bettering their surroundings, discuss and comment on others’ ideas, follow certain topics and track how the ideas are being processed. The service and young people’s ideas, initiatives and decisions are transparent for everyone. Young people are also able to voice their opinion on matters or questions posted by different organisations. Young people learn to say their opinion and arguments as the service can be part of democracy education.

The is part of the national e-Participation services of the Ministry of Justice. The National Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling Koordinaatti is responsible for the coordination and support services of the with the financial support from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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